Recently I asked a question and this is a follow up to that one

So I got it all worked out, but now my question is how to do I delete the record that I added? When users create this form it goes for approval, and during that approval someone may have to change the Rep, because they may make a mistake or simply don't know who it is on creation, so if someone changes the Rep I want to delete their sharing privileges that I initially gave them. Now I'm being told it can't be done, and they deal with it already in other instances(manual process). But I think it can be done. The following is my code, at the top it is properly adding the user, but I also now check to see if the oldMap != the new one. I've been looking into DeleteResult[] and delete, but I don't see many examples and I'm pretty confused on how to move forward.

        splitSharesToInsert.add(new Split__Share(ParentId = s.id , 
            UserOrGroupId = Rep3SetMap.get(s.Rep_3__c).Commission_Correction_User__c, 
            AccessLevel = 'Read'));

            Database.Saveresult[] rsr3 = Database.insert(splitSharesToInsert, false);                             
    if(Trigger.oldMap.get(s.Id).Rep_3__c != s.Rep_3__c){ 
        // delete rsr3;          
        // Database.DeleteResult[] drsr = Database.delete(splitSharesToInsert,false);
}catch (NullPointerException e){ 
    System.debug('NullPointerException' + e);   
  • This is a trigger, right? Why do you need to add and delete the same record within a trigger? Just don't add the record if it matches your delete criteria. Salesforce recommends keeping triggers efficient, so have just one Database operation (or delete) is better.
    – Jagular
    Commented Jun 13, 2014 at 0:05
  • I add the Sharing rights, the issue is if someone changes the Rep 1, the first person(incorrect person) will still have the sharing
    – EricSSH
    Commented Jun 13, 2014 at 15:55

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Simply run a query for the permission query and then run a delete on it:

delete [SELECT Id FROM Split__Share WHERE ParentId = :pId AND UserOrGrouppId IN :myGroup];

2 things to note

1) You should delete the shares BEFORE adding the new ones so that you don't essentially have 2 copies of the same thing. This will cause an error in the database.

2) You likely need to turn the above query into a dynamic query because you need to build the ParentIds and UserOrGroupIds in pairs rather than a whole set together. If this is something you need help on, then a second related question would be likely a good idea so that if you run into issues you aren't confusing things.

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