I had a suggestion from another engineer to directly assign rowData since the rowData property name and selectedRule property name are the same, but I am having some issues with it and I am not sure if I am missing something. If you have any suggestions for DRYing this, let me know. Thanks!

 * The selected rule data for a given row
 * @type {Object}
selectedRule = {
    name: '',
    level: '',
    action: '',
    target: '',
    startDate: '',
    endDate: ''

 * Handles actions on each row in the datatable
 * @param {Object} event
handleRowAction(event) {
    const action = event.detail.action;
    const rowData = event.detail.row;
    this.selectedRule = {
        action: rowData.action,
        level: rowData.level,
        name: rowData.name,
        target: rowData.target,
        startDate: rowData.startDate,
        endDate: rowData.endDate
    switch (action.name) {
        case VIEW:


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Depending on what the intent is, you probably want to copy the object:

this.selectedRule = {...rowData};

If the data is immutable, you can:

this.selectedRule = rowData;

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