I created a Salesforce report and want a field to be filtered to only show the ones containing certain text.

I used a filter with contains: MXN APT SET

It shows those (about 800 results) but also the ones that are with "-" (Over 900k results!)

And I can't find a way to filter the outcome without those "-"

I had tried adding another filter using.

  • Does not contain: "",-
  • Not equal to: "",-

But still not working. Any Idea how I can get rid of those blanks?

"-" Reults

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The Notes about Filtering on Types of Fields and Values should help you here. Basically, when you configure the filters for your report choose the field and the “not equal to” operators, leaving the third field blank. There's also a video from Salesforce Support on filtering our these blank values across a range of different places here.

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