My understanding is that the default retention period for data views is 6 months.

Is there an option to reduce or extend this retention period? I am looking to minimise the amount of SMS message tracking info that gets logged within SMSMessageTracking, SMSSubscriptionLog, Undeliverable SMS as well as any other applicable SMS views.

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You cannot extend the Data views retention period but you can limit the results you find based on a date field by SQL query.

Here is an example SQL query where I pull the results in a day before.

    , smsTracking.Delivered
    , smsTracking.Undelivered
    , smsTracking.CreateDateTime
    , smsTracking.ModifiedDateTime
    , smsTracking.ActionDateTime
    , smsTracking.MessageText
FROM _SMSMessageTracking AS smsTracking
WHERE smsTracking.CreateDateTime >= DATEADD(DAY, -1, GETDATE())

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