We are trying to send survey via SMS to subscribers.

So, we define survey and keywords on Mobile - MobileConnect - Vote/Survey. After finishing the configuration, we have clicked Send, but nothing happens.

We we did same configuration on Email - Interaction - Triggered SMS (we set different keywords!). Here, when we click Send, it sends first step of survey. But, when we have responded to survey(by sending keywords), we received The keyword you specified was not recognized.

When we respond with keyword of Mobile - MobileConnect - Vote/Survey, it was received by system successfully.

Long number is the same for both of them (MobileConnect and Triggered SMS). We did not find out how to define short number...

Can you explain what is the difference between Vote/Survey vs Triggered SMS?


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ExactTarget currently supports two mobile messaging products - MobileConnect, and the legacy SMS Interactions product.

MobileConnect - Documentation

MobileConnect allows you to create, send, receive, and track mobile (SMS) messages. You can use MobileConnect to manage your available keywords, conduct sends to subscriber, automatically respond to incoming messages, and many other tasks outlined in this documentation. You can send and receive SMS messages using a short code within the United States and using short or long codes in other countries around the world. Each country requires its own short code, but you can use long codes to reach several different countries (depending on the general region).

SMS Interactions - Documentation

SMS messages connect you directly to your subscriber via a mobile device in a timely fashion, so you can conceivably interact with your subscriber wherever they may be at any time. You can take advantage of this connection to provide information, offers, or opt-in messages wherever your subscribers may be at the time. SMS messages are less intrusive than voice messages and are shorter and more immediate than email messages.

These two systems operate very differently, and independent of one another. MobileConnect utilizes Contacts, while SMS uses data extensions.

Short/Long codes are based on the level of product purchased, and how your account has been set up. You would need to contact your account representative to add any codes to your account.

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