I am creating a filtered list in Mobile Connect contact builder, and there doesn't seem to be a way to filter by opt-in status (I assume because it's pulling from all contacts) . With that in mind, the filtered list I create ends up including people who aren't actively opted-in.

My question is: will SFMC Mobile Connect exclude anybody in that list who isn't opted-in at the time of send, or will it force a send to all contacts in the list (even if they aren't opted-in)?

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You can create a filtered list of opt-ins.

Navigate to: Contact Builder > All Contacts > Mobile Lists > Create Mobile List >

  • Channel = Mobile Connect
  • Method = Filtered List
  • Population = {Your Keyword}

This will then open up the Data Designer and your Attribute Groups.

On the left panel, navigate through your data model: MobileConnect Data > MobileConnect Demographics > MobileConnect Subscriptions

The drag the Opt In Status Field and choose Opted In.

enter image description here

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