The steps here Configure SAML SSO Between Salesforce Orgs or Experience Cloud Sites are detailed and clear. But having gone through those, I'm still seeing the the separate logins rather than the single sign-on for some Digital Experience sites.

What have I missed?

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There is a "Select login options to display on the login page" section in the Workspace → Administration → Login & Registration → Login Page Setup that once a "SAML Single Sign-On Settings" has been created offers that option as well as the normal username and password one.

So my missing step was to switch over to the single sign-on entry as below:

Login page setup

Might be mentioned somewhere, but I didn't find it when I Googled and only came across it by accident.

I recommend this video on the subject Single Sign On (SSO) for a Salesforce Community by Samarth Ahuja that includes this step.

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