I am trying to update the unit price on the salesforce CPQ quote line editor to say fixed price but for some reasons I cannot access it. Every topic and video I've seen points to field sets but it's not under field sets. I have attached images for guidance if anyone has an idea where to make this change. I also tried 3rd party tools like workbench to access that field and update the name but the tool is unable to pull that field label. enter image description here enter image description here

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It is in the field sets of the Product Option object, and once edited/added:

  • you can add the api name of the field set in the picklist (SBQQ__ConfigurationFieldSet__c) of the wanted object (feature/product..) And the last step, choose the field set you want in that picklist(data part):
  • SBQQ__ConfigurationFieldSet__c(SBQQ__ProductFeature__c)
  • SBQQ__ConfigurationFieldSet__c(Product2)...

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