I am currently working with a multi-currency Salesforce org and have been trying to add the "Account Currency" field on a Screen Flow. However, the field only renders as a text field and doesn't show any currency picklist options.

I have checked that the "Account Currency" field is set up as a picklist with valid currency values in the object's field settings. Additionally, I have also checked that the picklist values are visible to the profiles assigned to the user.

I am wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue and knows how to resolve this problem? I would greatly appreciate any insights or potential solutions to this problem.

Thank you!

enter image description here enter image description here

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From your screenshot you're using a Currency input component, which is for capturing currency values rather than picklist options.

When using a picklist value, you've got a couple of options in Flow:

  1. Use a Picklist Choice Set (which will retrieve the values from an existing picklist field) and expose this using a Picklist component

  2. Use the Record Fields functionality with your picklist field to allow users to select options. This requires you to use a Record variable to store the input but does provide better support for record types as it will automatically manage which picklist values should be visible.

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