I am facing some issue here regarding field level security in Profile

Sales Admin (Cloned From System Administrator)

  • Object Level Security (Standard object permission) Account Object | Only Read Access

  • Field level security (Standard Field Level Security) Account Site Field | Only Read Access

  • Administrative Permission Edit Read Only Fields | Unchecked

  • No permission set Assigned

  • Same Page layout assign to System Administration and Sales Admin profile.

  • Account page layout --> Account Site --> Read Only | Unchecked

As per above setting user should not be a allow to edit Account site field

But still

Sales Admin Profile Assigned user able to edit the “Account Site” Field.

so how can I restrict the user from Editing the Account Site Field.

  • can you check if the profile has "Modify All Data" activated?
    – Philippe
    Apr 26 at 12:47


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