I have a flow where I want to add users with a specific profile to new campaigns as campaign members. Users with this profile all have contact records with the same email address as the email on their profile.

The flow is setup to Configure

  1. get the profile records

Get Records 2) decision element to check if users email is the same as a contact email as that's what I'm using to link the two Decision

  1. Creating a loop Creating Loop
  2. Doing a get record for the email in the loop Get Records
  3. Decision to check if there's a contact id in the get contact id records Decision
  4. Assign Campaign members values Assign
  5. Add to collection Add
  6. Create campaign member record Create


I'm getting the error, "This error occurred when the flow tried to create records: DUPLICATE_VALUE: Attempted to add an entity '0038I00000M9xFM' to a campaign '7018I0000001O5O' more than once."

Any ideas what I need to do so it's not trying to create a duplicate?


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