I have an AuraEnabled method which does a callout. I'd like to call this multiple times from my Aura component. How can I do this and then execute code after all of them have finished?

I tried doing $A.enqueueAction(...) in a loop but I couldn't see a way to have a callback for the whole thing.

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You'd use Promise to do this. The method would look like:

// helper
  createRequest: function (method, params) {
    return new Promise(
      function (resolve, reject) {
        const event = component.get(method);
        event.setCallback(this, function(response) {
          if(response.getState() === 'SUCCESS') {
          if(response.getState() === 'ERROR') {
            reject(response.getError()?.[0]?.message || 'Unknown error');

Now, you can call as many methods as you'd like:

    (value)=>helper.createRequest('c.methodName', { value }) // { value: 1 }, etc
).then(function(results) {
// results will have 3 items, one for each call

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