flow createdrequirement : if my picklist and subpicklist has values and my flow is dependent on checkboxes to trigger email alerts let say picklist : value1 subPicklist: Value1 checkbox1 : true checkbox2: true checkbox3: false Then the flow will be triggered and sends two email alerts on basis of two checkboxes .. and when i try to update the checkbox3 in the created record then it should trigger email alert related to checkbox3 so my flow is creating as expected at the time of creating the record butwhile updating the record it is sending all the email alerts at once which is not expected . unable to figure out how to change my flow i have used cascading the decision as mentinoed here Flow unable to use decision element properly FYI i tried to add ischange function to the flow aswell but facing the issue while updating the 3rd checkbox .. it is the same that i am receiving all the email alerts when i have updated the checkbox3 . The pre-condtion is created or updated becuase it should be working for all the conditions create and updated aswell ... any thoughts please help me

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seeing what you have as your starting conditions and your decision criteria might help show what could be causing the issue for you on update, but hopefully this helps.

I would approach it as with simple criteria and I just used some checkbox fields I had handy to use as demonstration. Note the A record is created or updated, Any Condition Is Met (OR), and Only when a record is updated.... enter image description here

If this is the same you already have I would test using Every time a record.... This will increase the number the flow has to run but shouldn't continue to send email alerts if your decision criteria is clear.

With this in place you can have your decision criteria set similarly to below. This will make sure that New records are considered rather than relying on a prior value by using a simple ISNEW() formula flow resource. enter image description here

This is just my personal approach.

  • flow is considering all the feilds which are already available as changed ,hence sending all the email alerts at once .. unbale to handle the update record
    – rizu
    Apr 21, 2023 at 11:32
  • @rizu it would be helpful to see the decision criteria you have to better understand what issue you're having Apr 26, 2023 at 17:26

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