I am reviewing some activities in our SFMC instance that some previous coworkers built. In one automation activity, I am seeing an activity I can't find. I can't find the "Journey Entry" activity in Automation Studio Activities section. See screenshot.

I can't find this activity in the Activities section. Could it be a permissions thing? Or does it pop up if something else is activated/configured first?

I would be grateful for any assistance.

Thank you, N

enter image description here

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You need to configure a journey with a Data Extension with automation set as entry source, it will add this activity automatically to your automation.

When you select Automation, the journey evaluates contact records when your chosen automation completes.

You cannot add it manually from Automation Studio.

Doc: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.mc_jb_schedule_a_data_extension_entry_source.htm&language=en_US&type=5

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I had the same question. I never saw the option to drag "Journey Entry" as an Automation Activity to drag over to step 2. I had luck with setting up the Automation Filter (step 1), then set up my Journey in Journey Builder to use that Automation as the Schedule. Once I activated the Journey and activated the automation, the Journey entry audience popped into the Automation automatically as Step 2. It never showed up as an option to drag over from the Activities section of the Automation. I hope this helps...

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