My org had a temporary performance degredation with regards to a custom index on a particular field in a custom object 2 months ago. This was confirmed in writing by Salesforce Support in the ticket that I raised with them. The impact was that some logic which used to always work stopped working.

However, this wasn't ever published on trust.salesforce.com. I have followed up several times with no avail to our Salesforce account manager.

To my knowledge, all examples of performance degredation are supposed to be published on trust.salesforce.com but in this example, that hasn't happened here.

Is there a known list of performance degredations that won't get published on trust.salesforce.com? If so, that would be helpful because then developers would have a higher confidence if the issue is with them or with Salesforce.

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Salesforce Trust is primarily for documenting instance-wide disruptions, as noted in the various status indicators in Use the Salesforce Trust site.

Green (Available): This instance is available and fully functional.

Blue (Informational): Information about the instance that is not a performance issue or service disruption.

Purple (Maintenance): This instance is currently in maintenance. A message will be provided regarding your ability to access the instance during the maintenance.

Yellow (Service Degradation): The instance is still accessible, however there is particular functionality that may be unavailable, or the service may be running with significant latency.

Red (Service Disruption): The instance is inaccessible to customers.

However, they also note that:

If you are experiencing an issue with the core Salesforce service that has exceeded 10 minutes, and it is not appearing on this site, please open a case via the Help and Training Portal.

If you're experiencing weird behavior, you should always report it to Technical Support. When a certain number of complaints are received, the issue will be reported on trust. I don't believe the threshold is public knowledge, and I wouldn't even know who to ask about it, but I would advise simply this: if you notice odd behavior, don't spend too much time trying to triage it yourself. Technical Support is there to help, and they usually do a fairly good job of it.

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