I'm struggling with understanding how MobilePush SDK's Contact Key works.

I refered to some former question like Mobile Push SDK Contact Key, Mobile Push SDK Functionality. Since these questions are about MC Connect issue, I was wondering what should I do when it comes to Data Cloud(CDP) not Sales Cloud.

I have to set Contact Key for MobilePush. As I understanding it should be cutomer data in app. (ex. customer ID, emailAddress etc)

If I using Data cloud, I have to use Subscriber Key(Contact Key) to 'Individual ID' which is in Data Cloud. And it is not in our mobile app.

In this case, how can I match data cloud contacts and mobilepush contacts?

(+ I found the document Connect Mobile Apps to Data Cloud. Is this could be solution?)

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Contact Key (aka Subscriber Key) is the identifying piece of data used in Marketing Cloud to enable cross-channel interactions.

If you call setProfileId, the SDK gives that value to both CDP and Marketing Cloud. Those modules communicate with the appropriate servers to populate the data used for their features.


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