there was no such problem before, but after 1 month, custom attributes are not reflected on the salesforce side for newly created users. I am using version 8.0.8 of sdk

~!EventManager  D  (IdentityUpdate) event logged with attributes {platform=Android, registrationId=6347d320-e9fc-44f9-af09-95533eeaa36e, moduleIdentities={"push":{"profileId":"71217696","applicationId":"████████-████-████-████-████████████","installationId":"6347d320-e9fc-44f9-af09-95533eeaa36e","customProperties":{"deviceId":"6347d320-e9fc-44f9-af09-95533eeaa36e","attributes":{},"tags":["ALL","Android","DEBUG"]}}}}

~!EventManager  D  (IdentityUpdate) event logged with attributes {platform=Android, registrationId=6347d320-e9fc-44f9-af09-95533eeaa36e, moduleIdentities={"push":{"profileId":"71217696","applicationId":"████████-████-████-████-████████████","installationId":"6347d320-e9fc-44f9-af09-95533eeaa36e","customProperties":{"deviceId":"6347d320-e9fc-44f9-af09-95533eeaa36e","attributes":{"ReachByPhone":"true","Email":"[email protected]","UserName":"ddeneme267","FirstName":"Deneme","Corporate":"false","ReachByEmail":"true","LastName":"Deneme","ReachBySms":"true","userid":"71217696","MobilePhone":null},"tags":["ALL","Android","DEBUG"]}}}}

In the logs, it seems that the data is being uploaded to the salesforce side.

The above data is for testing purposes. It doesn't matter.

enter image description here

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I solved the problem. The problem is val attributesMap = mutableMapOf<String, String>() It was because I mistyped it.

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    Confused. You mistyped what? That doesn't make any sense if your identity item is showing those attributes then they should have been applied. What I don't see in your screenshot are any of those attributes. They MUST be created in the MC UI and they are "set" and "cleared" by the SDK, but they cannot be "added" or "removed".
    – Bill Mote
    Apr 11 at 15:48
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    – Community Bot
    Apr 12 at 6:18

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