Is this report type possible to create?

'Opportunity with Orders with Products with Opportunity Team Members'

From my understanding, it is not possible due to the objects not being hierarchal. Additionally, I have tried creating a Joined Report for this using 'Opportunities with Orders with Products' report type for Block 1 and 'Opportunities with Opportunity Team Members' for Block 2, but since we are filtering the records based on Product fields, this is returning more results than expected.

Thank you

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As defined in your requirements, you are attempting to report on three sibling child relationships. This is not supported for >1 child relationship

  • Opportunities with Orders
  • Opportunities with Products (i.e. OpportunityLineItems)
  • Opportunities with Team Members

If the report only needs to show the specific children for one of those child relationships (sounds like Products) and merely filter on the presence/absence of the other two child relationships (with Orders, with OpportunityTeamMembers), then you could:

  • Use Flows or triggers or DLRS to rollup a count of Orders on Opportunity
  • Use Flows or triggers or DLRS to rollup a count of Team Members on Opportunity

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