Currently I'm building a feature that use the Messaging.CustomNotification Apex class, and I'm building the corresponding test methods, but I haven't found a way to check that the notification has been sent. I was thinking use the Limit class, but I haven't found any method that works for what I need.

Is there a way to check that in an Apex Test?

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No.. this seems to be one of the scenarios where asserts are not possible

The way notifications work -> fire and forget.

Normally in these scenarios if the try doesn't fail we assume its a success

try {
catch (Exception e) {
    System.debug('Problem sending notification: ' + e.getMessage());

there are some limits though



In situations like these, put your custom notification send logic into a separate class - e.g. MyCustomNotificationSender.

Then, at test time, construct a mock version of the MyCustomNotificationSender called MockCustomNotificationSender with the same signature as your MyCustomNotificationSender methods.

The mock simply counts how many times it is called in a static variable (or, if using ApexMocks, it will count for you)

Then, inject the mock into the runtime version of the code-under-test. Finally, execute the code-under-test.

Your mock can also throw exceptions as part of dependency-injected constructor parameters.

You don't really need to know if the send method works as SFDC will take care of that - you should be more interested in whether you tried to send the notification and how many times

For another take on custom notifications, see the andyinthecloud blog

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