I was wondering if anyone has come across this scenario?

I have one picklist field called Knowledge_Level and it has a rating range 0,1,2,3,4. This picklist field is in a related object called Knowledge Base.

Each user is assigned a Knowledge_Level per area of expertise (PC skills, software skills, etc..), and each user has up to 1100 records for different skills. There are 40 users, so 40 x 1100 = 44,000 total records. I can view all users' levels associated by clicking a specific Knowledge_Level and seeing the various numerical value for each user.

I am wanting to create a formula field to average up the total for each area if expertise.

For example, PC Skills (AVG is 2 for all 40 users) Software Skills (AVG is 3 for all 40 users) Etc...

Is this possible considering that AVG function in a formula field referencing a picklist value isn't allowed in Salesforce?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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You can create formula field as follows,


Which convert the Piclist field values into Number value and then you can use this value in report to calculate Average value.


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