How do I add a product to an opportunity in a Record Triggered Flow After Save?

In my Element, Create Records, on the Opportunity Object, I believe the field Pricebook2Id has to be relevant, though I'm not sure.

Thanks for any help.

manual method to add Product

area in Flow to add Product

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  1. Yes, Opportunity.Pricebook2Id is required. Your flow will need to do a Get Records on Pricebook2 to locate the ID of the desired pricebook (often, this is the standard Pricebook)

  2. When you construct the Opportunity product (OpportunityLineItem) you will need a value for the PricebookEntryId. This too will need querying for with a Get Records. PricebookEntry is a junction record between PriceBook2 and Product2. If you are adding 2+ Opportunity Products, you'll need to query for all of the PricebookEntry's, one for each Opportunity product

  3. In the event you are a multi-currency org, you will need to further refine the query for PricebookEntry as there is a separate record for each combination of CurrencyIsoCode : Product2Id : Pricebook2Id


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