I am trying to navigate to the Order Summary Detail standard page in a B2B LWR experience site, however the page needs the recordId of the Order Summary in order to be able to show the data. How can I pass the recordId in Navigation Mixin?

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This currently doesnt work:

this[NavigationMixin.Navigate]( {
            type: 'comm__namedPage',
            attributes: {
                name: 'Order_Summary'
            },state: {
                recordId: ordSumId 

I also tried this other approach, but it doesnt seem right to do it generating the url with the id, plus I have issues testing it in experience builder. Any ideas? I couldnot find anything specific in the documentation about how to navigate to experience site pages that require params such as recordId

             type: 'standard__webPage',
             attributes: {
                 url: path + '/' + ordSumId
         }).then(url=> {window.open(url,"_self");});

Thanks a lot!

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You need to have a api enabled property on your LWC, which will allow you to use the {!recordId} expression in the builder, passing the value into your component for use:


import { api, LightningElement } from "lwc";

export default class GetRecordId extends LightningElement {
    @api ordSumId;

    onclick(event) {
            type: 'comm__namedPage',
            attributes: {
                name: 'Order_Summary'
            state: {
                recordId: this.ordSumId 

Don't forget this before referencing the variable name or you'll get an error when the component runs


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<LightningComponentBundle xmlns="http://soap.sforce.com/2006/04/metadata">
    <masterLabel>Get Record Id</masterLabel>
        <targetConfig targets="lightningCommunity__Default">
            <property label="Order Summary ID" name="orderSumId" type="String" required="true" default="{!recordId}" />

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