Hello guys I have a button in an the objet SObjectOne that calls a Flow that get the recordId of this current record and also uses the UploadFile component. After this I call an Apex class. So in this Apex class I want to pass the recordId of the current record of the SObjectOne and the Id of that uploadedFile in order to get the Blob of the image/pdf.

Note in the field RelatedRecordId of the upload file component in the flow I have the recordId. I do not have any other field filled.

I tried to get the contentDocument and from here to get the contentVersion in order to get the ContentBody but the contentDocumentId of the upload file component does not appear as an option: enter image description here

But I have seen that in a Display Text component I canput:{!InputFileField.contentDocIds}

But I can not put {!InputFileField.contentDocIds} in an asignment nor a getRecord.

Could someone help me? I am using the 57 version of flow


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