LWCs that are hooked up as buttons on record pages are working fine for me with:


both headlessly - <actionType>Action</actionType> - and with a modal - <actionType>ScreenAction</actionType>.

But I'm struggling to figure out how to create an LWC-based action for a custom object tab that shows a list of the records of a custom object. I'm assuming that this is appropriate:


but specifically want the action to detect the records selected in the list e.g. 2 and 3 in the image below. Note that the list here is not a custom lightning-datatable but rather a standard platform list.

Is there a way to get that selection information in the LWC?

list view checkboxes

(In ancient Visualforce there was GETRECORDIDS and in more recent Visualforce the StandardController would have the Id values. But in LWC? Any progress from this?)


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