We are using a simple de and a single send journey primary key is the contact id, the DE is sendable and testable and contactid is linked to the subscriber key. When I send using a simple journey, just an wait, send email and exit with settings send immediate, no reentry. The mail generates an IER in our sales cloud. however it I use the same DE, with the same email as a single send journey, an IER does not get generated. This does not make any sense and I hope someone can offer some ideas or additional tests to figure this out.

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IERs should work for both single-send journeys as well as multi-step journeys.

The list of things to check should be as follows: -Lead/Contact Id should be the subscriber key in SFMC -Select the checkbox 'send tracking results to sales cloud'

I tried it myself to ascertain the issues & in both cases, I could get the IERs in the Sales cloud within 1 hr.

  • I am doing research on similar issues in our system. Marketing Cloud is very inconsistent with IER's inside SFCRM. One response from a case I opened pointed me to this Know Issue. You can actually be kept updated and be put on a mailing list by going to this link and pressing the "report" button, this will keep you updated on the status of this bug! issues.salesforce.com/issue/a028c00000uYdmnAAC/… My issue is that when I use the suggested solution the records almost never actual
    – Roger C
    Commented Dec 20, 2023 at 16:26

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