I have to implement Web To Case.

I have thought of two options for the same using Sites or Web Services. I have queries related to the same.

If I implement it using Web To Case, then, How can I use the automatically generated code for web to case using sites. I know how to configure using HTML pages. Now, I want to use sites of force.com

With Webservices, which one is good REST/SOAP etc.


Web to Case doesn't use REST or SOAP API; it's a simple HTML form with a POST submit. You can paste the code verbatim into a Visualforce page, expose it on your Site, and it will be behave as any other form; you can capture cases automatically.

If you want to use the REST or SOAP API, which you can, you wouldn't be using Web to Case, which is a simple POST to the server. Web to Case would take just minutes to set up on a Site (minus any styling you need to make it your own design). Using web services, you could be manually creating the records via the API.

If you chose to go with web services, you may as well just create a Visualforce page and have it designed like any other Visualforce page; there's no need to leverage the API just to submit a case through Sites. Note that you can only "create" cases, not update them, using the Sites technology.

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