I'm trying to create a 'New' button using the Link button with URL. This is for my custom object that I need to pre-fill when the New button is clicked. For example, I have CustomObjectA that has a related list view for CustomObjectB

enter image description here When I click the button New, it should show the form with the default values. I wrote the syntax as below:


the syntax has no error, but when I clicked the button, it's not populated by default. What should be the proper URL then?

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I used this URL button and it is working. Is your case different with some other text field ? Try checking parameters and API name of field. Hope this helps. PS - Do check limitations of url buttons before implementation. Screenhots: Button Setting

Test Value and button

Default Populated Value

  • Hi KKumar, thank you for this. I tried a text type field and it works but when I tried populating lookup fields. it's not pre-populating. Does this supposed to work on lookup fields also?
    – Mae
    Mar 23, 2023 at 1:42

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