I need to install Vlocity Data Pack "Explore & Checkout using Digital Commerce LWC"

but when i click next button to install it, it gives me "Import Error & Invalid Data".

Also i need to ask is it require to purchase CPQ license to access digital commerce sample app?? Omnistudio DataPacks

  • Can you try installing from here
    – Vinay
    Mar 21 at 17:58

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As Vinay pointed out, you need go to that Vlocity download link (assuming you already have a login).

Then read the "Configuration Requirements".

Configuration Requirements
- Create offers with prices and add them to catalogs.
- Install the latest CME 109 package.
- Install OmniScripts and deploy them.
- (Optional) Configure Attribute-Based Pricing (ABP)
- Run CMT administration jobs (cached API jobs)
- Install the below artifacts required to run this process:
   - Checkout VIP MultiPack: Datapack file containing VIP for Checkout Process
   - DC OOTB LWC Templates: ZIP file containing HTML and meta.xml files of corresponding DC LWCs in a managed package
   - DX Data File: DX file containing data to be imported into org to run Sample DC LWC App
   - Reference Documents
   - Refer the documents attached in the “Supplementary Files” section for additional information on the solution, installation & setup, and configuration.
Vlocity Install DataPack Instructions- DataPack installation guide
VPL Digital Commerce Artefacts Installation Guide (DC LWC Only)  - Instructions to install checkout datapack and other related artifacts

It doesn't state any pre-requisites of CPQ license.

If you could follow the Vlocity Install DataPack Guide and tell us where exactly which step you got the error otherwise it is near impossible to help you.

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