I am trying to push a particular Salesforce code base to a fresh scratch org. I am stuck on deploying the Task object, getting the following error:

 Error Task Error parsing file: Element {http://soap.sforce.com/2006/04/metadata}values invalid at this location in type RecordType (589:17)    

This came up original on a full repo push, then on just trying to push a package of Task metadata, then on a package of just the record types, and then on an attempt to deploy a single record type.

Without pushing record types, I predictably get many of these errors:

Field does not exist: RecordTypeId on Task

I'm stuck, as this error message doesn't pop up anywhere in a search.

  • would you be able to share your scratch org definition file? I suspect this might be what is causing the issue. Mar 16 at 3:00


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