so i have a propblem regarding Reporting Some Numbers :

in Our Structure to All accounts, some have contacts and from some of these Contacts the field we Called : customer portal status, is either invited, access or nothing (external portal).

so now if i want to report on how many accounts we have that actually have no access, it seems i cannot do that because the report always schows the record count of the Contacts which can be up to 10 per account.

is there a possibility, like a column lvl formula or somethin to actually count how many accounts there are in this report so it can be displayed as a number inside of a dashboard ?

PS : rowcount sums up the Contacts and i need the number of the accounts

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  • Did you try using count distant values in the report Mar 17 at 12:20

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In the report you can display in column the id of the account

Column account id

Then In Group lines you can group by account id

enter image description here

You will have the account number

enter image description here

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