I have a situation, where I want to add records to streams automatically (ignore the 25 limit for now)

If using Flow, I don't see any way to do that.

Is it possible ?

In apex, I need the solution to be dynamic, as each user will have it's own streams, and cases.

public class StreamUpdate {

public static void getId (List<Id> caseIds){
    List<ConnectApi.StreamSubscriptionInput> subscriptions = new List<ConnectApi.StreamSubscriptionInput>();
    for(Id caseId : caseIds){
    ConnectApi.StreamSubscriptionInput sub1 = new ConnectApi.StreamSubscriptionInput();
    sub1.entityId = caseId;
    subscriptions.add( sub1 );
    ConnectApi.ChatterStreamInput streamInput = new ConnectApi.ChatterStreamInput();
    streamInput.name='Followed Case';
    streamInput.subscriptionsToAdd = subscriptions;
    ConnectApi.ChatterStream stream = ConnectApi.ChatterFeeds.updateStream(Network.getNetworkId(), '0Fq3G000000CcP8SAK', streamInput);
    System.debug( stream );
    System.debug( stream.id );
    System.debug( stream.name );
    System.debug( stream.description );
    System.debug( 'Subscriptions:' );
    for ( ConnectApi.FeedEnabledEntity entity : stream.subscriptions ) {
        System.debug( entity.id );    
        System.debug( entity.name );  
        System.debug( entity.type );  


Am I in the right direction at all?


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