I have Record-triggered Flow, in that I have core Email action with Text Template (Also tried with Email Alert As well).

And I have created a Formula field for Case Thread Id, and added in body and subject both.

"ref:_" & LEFT({!$Organization.Id},5) & SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT({!$Organization.Id},11), "0", "" )& "._" & LEFT({!$Record.Id},5) & SUBSTITUTE(Left(RIGHT({!$Record.Id},10), 5), "0", "") & RIGHT({!$Record.Id},5) & ":ref"

Also tried this formula: Attach email and reply in same thread to case using flow but not working for me.

I also tried with manually creating EmailMessage record, so it's create a thread and attached to case, but once I reply from that, customer receive as a new email therad, instead of in reply to original acknoledgement email send from the Flow.

So how I can create an email thread and attach it to a case.

Thanks & Regards,

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    a flow on the Case object that sends an Email Alert w/ Case as the target object should thread automatically - no need to insert a threadId
    – cropredy
    Mar 10, 2023 at 20:12


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