According to Salesforce documentation when creating a custom Object we need to add __c at the end of the string. Does it make any difference if when creating a custom Object we don't add the __c?

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When you create a custom object in the UI, you don't type in the __c; it will be added automatically. When you create a custom object in an API, you must include the __c in the fullName attribute. Failing to include it, or trying to include any other suffix (e.g. __haha) will result in a deployment error. Note that other suffixes are referenced for related custom objects, like Object__Share is an object's sharing table, and Object__Tag for an object's tags. This is why you can't specify the suffix or omit it.


I dont think when we Create custom we need to add __c to the Object, After we create the Object i.e after saving, SF automatically appends __c to that Object

When creating a custom Object you just need to give the Name of the Object

for Example

If you add name as School after saving that Object SF will append __c To it

If you add School__c while creating the Object SF will still Append __c so it would look like School_c__c

Its not up to us to add __c you save a custom record by Its name and SF Adds __c

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