I am new to Salesforce. I am admin of the Salesforce at my company. We've hired an outside company to do some integration with us, via Oauth and a connected app. They tell me that they need the "api" scope for this connected app.

Right now, if I do a test curl call, I get back:

"scope":"openid id content"

I don't know where these 3 scopes come from. I did not explicitly assign them.

But I also need an "api" scope I think. How do I make that appear?

But how can I grant that? I ran some searches and found this:


which lists all of the scopes, but doesn't explain how to grant these scopes to a particular connected app. Or do I grant the scope to a particular user?

I logged into the connected app and I see a place where I can add "custom Oauth scopes" but I don't think I need a custom scope, I think I just need the standard "api" scope. But how can I add it so this outside company can use it?

If I:

click on Setup

search for Connected Apps

click on "Manage Connected Apps"

find my connected app in the list

click "edit" next to my connected app

I see the following, but I don't see anything about scopes.

enter image description here

I do see this list of permissions, but I cannot find any way to edit these:

enter image description here

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If you open the connected App in edit mode under "API (Enable OAuth Settings)" you can add the scopes for the connected app and your link describes what entitlement user received with each scope enter image description here

If you want to add "API" scope you. should add "Manage user data via APIs (api)" as selected OAuth scopeenter image description here

  • I cannot find the screen that you are talking about. I go into Setup, look for "Connected Apps" then click "Manage Connected Apps" then click "edit" next to my connected app, but I don't see anything like what you've posted. Commented Mar 3, 2023 at 14:39
  • Hope you find your answer, my bad editing a connected app is little confusing Commented Mar 3, 2023 at 20:18
  • @JeffGallant For future users: Editing an app through "App Manager" and "Manage Connected Apps" gives entirely different options. The page in these screenshots is accessed through Setup > Platform Tools > Apps > App Manager. Took me forever to figure that out. Commented Mar 27 at 14:10

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