IIUC, the purposes of my org's User Licenses are:

  • Community: log in to Community, aka Site, aka Experience Cloud?
  • Identity: also log in to Community, but different somehow? (unused)
  • Salesforce: log in to SFDC/SFDX with full features & permissions (or less, depending on their Profile).
  • Chatter: log in to Chatter, which is deprecated.

We also have a bunch of Permission Set Licenses & Feature Licenses (mostly unused) such as Analytics, CRM, Einstein, Sales Cloud, Sales Console, Knowledge, Marketing, Service Cloud, etc. What User License(s) do they work with?

AFAICT, Salesforce User licenses already include access to those things without needing PSL & FL (but we don't use several of them, so maybe I'm wrong about that).

(Background: I've been told to configure users to log in to a limited subset of SFDC via CRM-User PSL. What User License is that?)

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