Used a popover blueprint for this look but I'm not benefitting from the built-in open/close and faded background functionality of a lightning-modal.... enter image description here

Is there a way to customize the lightning-modal to:

  1. Precisely position the modal relative to an element
  2. Set the width and height explicitly instead of rely on variants of small, medium, and large

I can add the nubbin easily enough and live with lightning-modal close button being outside of the box but I could not find a way to control the position and precise sizing with styling hooks.

If this can't be done with the lightning-modal, I will continue down the path I'm on to create a custom modal. Was hoping to not reinvent the wheel.

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According to the documentation, this is not supported. The only supported styling hooks are detailed within the SLDS documentation for Modals. Given your use case, it doesn't look like the modal component will be useful unfortunately.

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