Summer 23 rolling around and time to verify we don't have any legacy APIs at Version 21-30 (which are being retired)

Per instructions, I used the EventLogFile Browser to create a CSV and from there, I created a Pivot table on column API Version. Note that one has to look at several days of data as not all 3rd party apps make API calls every day.

Results showed API calls from Version 22 - 49 (uh-oh)

Yet when I looked at the CSV from RestAPI (we have Shield Event Monitoring), I could see URIs at Version 53.0.

Why were these not included in ApiTotalUsage? Am I looking at the right data?

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Salesforce, in their wisdom, defines event log file ApiTotalUsage as collecting events up to V49.0 but no more.

API Total usage events contain details about Platform SOAP API, Platform REST API, and Bulk API requests (for API versions up to and including v49.0).

Thus, your API calls at V50+ won't be included in this event log file but will appear in other log files such as REST Api

ApiTotalUsage is hence an ideal tool to help identify about-to-be-retired API versions but otherwise shouldn't be relied on for overall statistics.

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