I am completely lost on how to populate a ParentID for Content Documents. I would like to find the parent record (custom object record) linked to the Content Document. I have easily sorted it in the Attachment Object, but having issues with the Content Documents. Grateful for your help.

Finally, I used dataloader.io to try to pull the content document data, as well as Power BI. I saw codes on queries to conduct, but not sure where users input these queries to pull the data needed. Looking forward to your help. #Salesforce #ParentID #Query #SOQL #PowerBI #ContentDocument #ContentDocumentLink #LinkedEntityID

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For content document there is another object called ContentDocumentlink where you will get the object reference for which it is related to .

In ContentDocumentLink we have ContentDocumentid and LinkedEntityid which will give you an overview of which contentdocument to related to object.

As per the object reference of ContentDocument ParentId in ContentDocument object is ID of the library that owns the document. Created automatically when inserting a ContentVersion via the API for the first time.

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