Salesforce MC error:

Error 1: Script SET Statement Invalid
An error occurred when attempting to resolve a script expression. See inner exception for detail. Script Expression: Lookup("PUBLIC_SCHOOL_DISTRICT__C_SALESFORCE","Number_of_Community_Interests__c","Id",%%PublicSchoolDistrictId%%)

    %%[/* Pull the Current CIL count */
    Var @cilCount
    Set @cilCount = Lookup("PUBLIC_SCHOOL_DISTRICT__C_SALESFORCE","Number_of_Community_Interests__c","Id",%%PublicSchoolDistrictId%%)
    Count: %%= v(@cilCount) =%%

I'm not sure about my placement within the HTML email. I inserted this code inside the tag.

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Try this:

/* Pull the Current CIL count */
    Var @cilCount
    Set @cilCount = Lookup("PUBLIC_SCHOOL_DISTRICT__C_SALESFORCE","Number_of_Community_Interests__c","Id",PublicSchoolDistrictId)
Count: %%=v(@cilCount)=%%

The PublicSchoolDistrictId doesn’t need the percentage signs as it’s used inside an AMPscript block. I also removed the spaces around the v function and moved your div further down. AMPscript doesn’t need to be wrapped in HTML (but it can if needed).


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