In the syncronized data extensions Account__c i have the following fields:

  • KPIUltimoSoggiornoTipo__c that is mapped with a list of products name (it is a text field)
  • KPIClusterFrequenza__c indecates the frequency (first timer or repeater)

IF KPIUltimoSoggiornoTipo__c = 'stagionali' i want to associate both KPIClusterFrequenza__c ='Repeater' and KPIClusterFrequenza__c = 'first_timer'

If KPIUltimoSoggiornoTipo__c != 'stagionali' I want to associate only KPIClusterFrequenza__c ='Repeater'

I set up the following instructions, but they are not working:

IF (B.KPIUltimoSoggiornoTipo__c = 'STAGIONALI')
then B.KPIClusterFrequenza__c = 'REPEATER' OR B.KPIClusterFrequenza__c = 'FIRST_TIMER'
ELSE B.KPIClusterFrequenza__c = 'REPEATER'

What do I miss? Thank you in advance, for your kind help

  • You need to use a CASE statement
    – zuzannamj
    Jan 31 at 13:38
  • @zuzannamj thank for your answer. What is the correct syntax for this Case statement. I've tried the following, but it says the syntax is not correct: CASE WHEN KPIUltimoSoggiornoTipo__c = 'STAGIONALI' THEN then KPIClusterFrequenza__c = 'REPEATER' OR KPIClusterFrequenza__c = 'FIRST_TIMER' WHEN KPIUltimoSoggiornoTipo__c != 'STAGIONALI' THEN KPIClusterFrequenza__c = 'FIRST_TIMER Jan 31 at 14:00

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You would want to use CASE Expression.


    WHEN condition1 THEN result1
    WHEN condition2 THEN result2
    WHEN conditionN THEN resultN
    ELSE result

Assuming you are querying from a child BU, then it would be something like:

    WHEN KPIUltimoSoggiornoTipo__c = 'STAGIONALI' THEN 'REPEATER'
END AS KPIClusterFrequenza__c 
ENT.[Your syncronized Account DE name]

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