I'm looking for guidance regarding a method to check the package/package.xml before deploying.

My sgd command is as follows:

sh """ 
$NODE_BIN_PATH/sfdx sgd:source:delta \
--output . 
--ignore .forceignore

My force:source:deploy command is as follows:

stage('Deploy to Salesforce org') {
      steps {
        container('node') {
          script {
            sh '''
            $NODE_BIN_PATH/sfdx force:source:deploy \
              --targetusername $SF_USERNAME \
                    -x package/package.xml

We have some valid scenarios wherein our jenkins pipeline is triggered, but there are no files in the package/package.xml that was generated from the sgd:source:delta command.

Is there a recommended way to check if the output file from sgd:source:delta (package/package.xml) for any files BEFORE deployment? Jenkins file is in Groovy, with the script commands in Bash.

I'd implement this logic into a separate stage that checks if package/package.xml is empty, if it is empty, do not proceed to deployment. If it is not empty, proceed to the deployment stage.


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