So I have a .csv file that contains ~12,000 rows and on my local filesystem takes up about 3MB of data. I assumed that when I imported this csv into a Salesforce Object, the data would still take up around 3MB of space, however it ends up taking over 25MB of space.

I'm trying to figure out what causes the discrepancy between storage sizes (I assume that there are some metadata files that get created and are counted agains the org limits, however an extra 22MB of data seems unnecessary). Does anyone know what causes this and/or how I could accurately predict how much Salesforce storage a CSV file would consume before importing it into an SObject?

Thank you!

The CSV File in my File System:

enter image description here

The Size of the Data once imported into an SObject:

enter image description here

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Each SObject record in Salesforce consumes a flat 2kB of your "Data" limit, regardless of how much (or how little) actual data it contains. Everyone gets a base 10GB of "Data" storage, with an additional 20MB per regular user license1 (so this doesn't count "free chatter users" and the like)

12,969 records * 2kB = 25.938MB Data space used

The notable exception to this is the TextBody and HtmlBody fields of the EmailMessage SObject, which consume 2kB (for the base SObject record) + every single bit in those two fields. There are a few other objects that go above 2kB, as documented in this help article

Reproduced here

SObject "Data" storage used
Leads 2KB
Contacts 2KB
Accounts 2KB
Person Accounts 4KB
Opportunities 2KB
Forecasts 2KB
Events 2KB
Tasks 2KB
Cases 2KB
Case Team Member 2KB
Solutions 2KB
Notes 2KB
Custom Reports 2KB
Campaigns 8KB
Campaign Members 1KB
Contracts 2KB
Google Docs 2KB
Quotes 2KB
Quote Line Items 2KB****
Orders 2KB****
Work Order Line Items 2KB****
Tags: unique tags 2KB
Custom Objects 2KB
Quote Template Rich Text Data 2KB
Articles 4KB*
Email Message 2KB**
Person Accounts 4KB***

1: 20MB for Contact Manager, Group, Professional, and Enterprise editions. 120MB for Performance and Unlimited editions.

  • Ah that is good to know, I had no idea! Thank you so much. Jan 27, 2023 at 20:45

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