I have enabled source tracking in Developer and Developer Pro sandboxes in the production org, but source tracking commands still throw an error even after a sandbox refresh.

Some details: we have a master sandbox(developer) with some test data already created and we refresh/create our sandboxes from it. After I activated the Source Tracking in Dev and Dev Pro Sandboxes, I refreshed my sandbox from the master sandbox(both are developer sandboxes), re-authorized the org in my VSC and also restarted VSC, but I am still getting the error when I try to reset the tracking:

PS C:\Users\Novarg\Documents\VSCode\salesforce-sfdx> sfdx force:source:tracking:reset
WARNING: apiVersion configuration overridden at "56.0"
WARNING: This operation will modify all your local source tracking files. The operation can have unintended consequences on all the force:source commands. Are you sure you want to proceed (y/n)?: y
ERROR running force:source:tracking:reset:  This command can only be used on orgs that have source tracking enabled, such as sandboxes and scratch orgs.

My guess is that we did not have source tracking activated in the master sandbox, so a refreshed sandbox from it also did not have it enabled. I also checked the documentation, but it does not say anything about refreshing sandboxes from an existing sandbox. The only requirement is to create/refresh a sandbox after activating this feature which I have done.

Is it documented somewhere that we need to refresh or create a sandbox from production or does it just take a while to register and I should try refreshing again tomorrow?

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Yup. The documentation is misleading or incomplete. Refreshing or cloning a sandbox from an existing sandbox where the source control is not enabled doesn't enable source tracking on newly created sandbox

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