I'm having a hard time finding sample code that will allow me to update a record on a DE. I was able to successfully add new records with 3 fields: email (primary key), fname, lname. However, when I attempt to send a new payload with the same email address (new fname), I get this error: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint...which makes total sense. How do I go about updating an existing record?

This is the payload I am attempting, but get "Bad Request" as the response.

                  <PartnerKey xsi:nil="true">
                  <ObjectID xsi:nil="true">
                              <Value>[email protected]</Value>

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To update a record in a DE aside from the fact that this DE needs to have a primary key field, you would need to specify the Options part

For example, I would use something like:


You can get more properties for "SaveAction" here

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