Does ExactTarget send in HTML comments in the email ?

I need this set because someone else (tester) wants this in the email : href="%%view_email_url%%"

<!-- Check web view here - <a href="%%view_email_url%%">click here</a>. -->

Do email providers like gmail and outlook discard it ? Because I don't see this comment code in my HTML DOM element when I do inspect element.

What is the other solution to get %%view_email_url%% inside the email but not show it in browser based email as well as desktop clients ?

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Gmail client and Outlook client still populate the comment section, they just don't display in the UI

For example, you can find the comment section by this way:

In Gmail, you can click 3 dots in the email then click on "Show original"

enter image description here

From there you can search with "Check web view here" text, then you can find the webpage view URL which was generated by Marketing Cloud.

Or in Outlook, you can click on the email message with

enter image description here

Then from there, just right click and view source. You can search like the same way above to find the webpage view URL

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