I created two related custom objects. I have a related list in the Main Object where I need to see six fields.

I assign the type-related list as Enhanced List and with the Sysadmin, I can see the fields, but when I log in with the custom profile user, I can't see the fields.

what. I have done so far:

  • App, Profile, and Page Layout assignments Checked
  • visibility on all the fields Checked
  • Permission on the custom objects Checked
  • Validate on Customize Page Personal Settings but same result.

I don't know what else I can see. Any Thoughts?

Thank You


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I finally found the solution. I don't understand the cause, but my solution was to create a new page layout, with the same configuration. So I finally deleted the default one and it's working now.

Hope that it helps if anyone has the same problem.

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