On Workbench's Wiki in the "How do I call queryMore()?" question, is written:

(...) The query batch size can be changed with the "Preferred Query Batch Size" setting on the Settings menu.

Also, on the update.php page, the tooltip next to "Process records asynchronously via Bulk API" checkbox says:

(...) Batch size and concurrency options are available in Settings.

Finally, on this GitHub extract, lines 604-612 mention the queryOptions_batchSize parameter:

    $config["queryOptions_batchSize"] = array(
        "label" => "Preferred Query Batch Size",
        "description" => "Requested query batch size. This is not a guaranteed value and depends on the data set being returned.",
        "default" => 500,
        "overrideable" => true,
        "dataType" => "int",
        "minValue" => 200,
        "maxValue" => 2000



→ Am I missing something?

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I don't think you can set batch size in workbench.

Kindly review limitation here.

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