I'm building a report to compare all months this year vs all months last year. Right now, the Column Chart only shows ascending order. Example: Jan 22, Feb 22, March 22,... Jan 23, Feb 23.

I wonder if there is a way to show Jan 22 and Jan 23 next to each other so it will give users a clear comparison.

My solution:

  • I tried with Joined Report but it did not work.

Another solution:

  • I created 2 Dashboards, 1 for last year and 1 for this year and place them next to each other.

Thanks so much! What I have What I have What I would love to have What I'm aiming for


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The solution for this is you just need to:

  1. Group Rows with a Year field. Eg: Close Year.
  2. Group Column with a Date field. Eg: Close Date.
  3. Sort column Close Date by Calender Month in Year.

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