• MarketingCloudSDK 8.0.9
  • SFMCSDK 1.0.6

We implemented the MarketingCloudSDK and SFMCSDK with SPM according to the documentation.

Problem Description

We receive Push Notification and In App Messages but we do not get any Inbox messages.

On app startup we call SFMCSdk.mp.refreshMessages() to trigger Inbox refresh. The function always returns false and the NotificationCenter notification SFMCInboxMessagesRefreshCompleteNotification is not sent. We implemented a NotificationCenter.default.addObserver exactly like in the example app.

We also tried to call SFMCSdk.mp.getAllMessages() but it returns nil.


We send an Inbox message with a Push Notification. We receive the Push Notification, the app opens but the SFMCSdk.mp.refreshMessages() always returns false. Even when we close and restart the app SFMCSdk.mp.refreshMessages() still returns false.

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This needs inboxEnabled config while initialising the SDK and the delegate methods should be implemented.

Please create a support ticket with debug logs, SDK state and if possible AppDelegate class where the implementation for MarketingCloudSDK initialisation and Inbox message implementation for us to take a look into it.

Thanks Prakashini

  • Thanks for your help! We had a problem in our PushConfigBuilder. For the sake of clarity, here is the link to the mentioned setInboxEnabled(_ enabled: Bool) method and the overall PushConfigBuilder. Jan 16, 2023 at 11:58

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