It's my first time dealing with PlatformEventSubscriberConfig in our project (and I'm very new to Salesforce, still a 6-month newbie).

We have 2 orgs and I noticed that when I query in UAT (Developer Console), I can freely access the fields and the query is successful. On the other hand, in PROD, I can only query** the fields Id, MasterLabel, and DeveloperName. I cannot query the fields like BatchSize, UserId, or PlatformEventConsumerId (they are not accessible).

**I used the query from Tooling API Objects: PlatformEventSubscriberConfig.

SELECT Id, MasterLabel, DeveloperName, BatchSize, PlatformEventConsumerId, UserId FROM PlatformEventSubscriberConfig

I assumed that this is because of my different access/profiles in UAT and PROD. I went to Profiles > Profile Overview > Custom Metadata Types but the PlatformEventSubscriberConfig isn't there. And from Metadata API: PlatformEventSubscriberConfig, it says that it's a component/metadata type and so it's not a custom object.

Where can I see the PlatformEventSubscriberConfig fields that are accessible (or not) to my profiles? Is there a similar "Field Accessibility" portion/area in Setup where I can set for PlatformEventSubscriberConfig fields?

Thank you.

  • Do you see any results when querying the FieldPermissions object as mentioned in post Commented Jan 13, 2023 at 18:24
  • Thanks for the reference. I tried to query it and got results. However, the PlatformEventSubscriberConfig and its fields are not there.
    – jeksdh8
    Commented Jan 16, 2023 at 6:48

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I checked with the relevant salesforce product team on this. The fields PlatformEventConsumerId, UserId, BatchSize of PlatformEventSubscriberConfig are guarded by the Customize Application permission based on internal Salesforce code.

You should be able to query the PlatformEventSubscriberConfig's complete fields if your profile has the Customize Application permission.

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